The Union “Aliloboitheia” was founded in 19th March 1939 in the general assembly of people from Eratyra, since the need for such a union of people that come from the village but live in Thessaloniki was mentioned. 

Leaders of this famous union were the following: a. Tziotzios, P.Tsolekas, N.Ditsios, Ath.Zarkodimos, D.Vamvas, P.Stamos, Ath.Makris, Th. Karamitsos and his brothers. A lot of others followed. Some of them are: G.Lazaridis, V.Bekiaris, Ath.Gumbliakis and others.

The activities of the union are multiple, and could be divided into two main categories. The first one includes the activities that aim to serve the development and progress of Eratyra and the second one concerns activities that have to do with the people that live in Thessaloniki.

A far as the first category is concerned: The union’s contribution in the renovation of the guesthouse, the bell tower, the central square and the courtyard of St. George’s Church was crucial. It has helped several times in smaller projects, such as the renovation of the school, the carnival festivities, the local Newspaper, not to mention the financial support of poor students. 

In Thessaloniki: The union managed to acquire a residence, in Agiou Dimitriou Street No42, where now  the office of the union is situated. It organized various recreational activities, trips, cultural activities and social gatherings. It also organizes lectures on topics that most of its members are interested in, as well as hosts a big library. 

Finally, it has published 8 books, including: “Eratyra” by Ath.Gioblakis, “Union of Eratyra, fifty years of existence, 1939-1989”, “of Thessaloniki” , “Eratyra Folklore” by Ioannis Nasiopoulos.