Eratyra is a historic town built amphitheatrically on the foothills of Mount Askion or Siniatsiko and belongs to the municipality of Voio, part of the regional unit of Kozani. Every Easter, Eratyra has always honored its rich cultural and folklore traditions celebrating the Resurrection with local choirs singing songs of Easter and May around the town’s neighborhoods and its square. Its customs and traditions date back in time and pass down through many generations.


This year, however, the event was about to be canceled due to the pandemic and the quarantine imposed. But the residents did not give up. They kept up the traditional custom joining their voices, their hearts and their love for life.

 On Sunday afternoon, April 26, using digital technology, more than 200 people sang together in front of their screens. People from Eratyra living in every corner of the world, from Melbourne Australia, Astoria New York, Boston, Russia, Finland, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Paris , Athens, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Kavala, Giannitsa, Igoumenitsa… and Eratyra, sang side by side through their screens performing in a global concert.



Age played no role and even little children and seniors joined in through their screens using technology without the slightest difficulty! Coronavirus revealing digital technology’s most human version.


 They exchanged words of joy and, deeply moved, they raised their glasses in the end wishing to be healthy and meet again under the old plane tree on the 15th of August, the day of the celebration of The Dormition of Mary.



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