Welcome to the new version of the website.

Surely we arrive at the 4th edition of the Eratyra.gr

Initially, since 2007 when the internet was at its beginnings, we reaching today where the internet has become an integral part of our everyday life.

The new website supports better navigation on Desktop and Mobile devices and also better speed and security.

The main goals of the Eratyra.gr are

-To awake memories and help people discover the roots of their ancestors. Through the Webpage, many of the people traveled to Eratyra’s History and also visited Eratyra to see their “roots”

Create an online Digital Archive that will be easily accessible and free for everyone. From the student or the grandfather, from Eratyra to Australia and America, it will be direct access to photos, songs, books, historical texts, etc.

Back in 2007, I gave a promise that we will have the best village website in the area and I will try to keep the promise as much as possible despite the limited free time and the financial costs I have personally incurred.

If you have historical material you want to share on the website (photos, texts, stories, videos etc.) or some other idea to help please contact us by email and we will do the best.

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Best Regards

Anastasios Tsimplinas