The cavern is situated in the east of the village, in Alepotripes location, in the southeast of the mountain of Prophet Ilia.

All the mountain is full of holes of various sizes which were created when part of the cavern collapsed. Local people call them, as well as the whole location “gournes”. All these indicate the existence of other caverns apart from the one that is described here.

Although the hole was known by the shepherds who threw stones in order to measure the depth, it was first explored by Tasos Xronis in 1963, when he decided to tie a rope so as to get down into the hole.

Everybody in the village soon learned about it. The story was also published in two articles of “Ellinikos Voras” (one of the newspapers in Thessaloniki). Local people imagined that the cavern would become a tourist attraction, but they were disappointed. Apart from a metal ladder that has been placed, nothing else has been done in this location. The route is marked with red signs until Zigos, but the signs are not easily traceable as the there is no path.

Based on the book “Routes in Unknown West Macedonia” by Ioannis Pitas.