It is an old church completely reconstructed. In 1832, after the construction of Agios Nikanoras church, the people living in the neighborhood of Agios Georgios wanted to build a new bigger church. They started building a basilica with 3 aisles, but in 1839 it was redesigned so as to have five. The fifth of the aisles remained an open arcade. It was built with finely carved stones.

The mural paintings followed and in 1945 the church was inaugurated. Nowadays it is the biggest and most impressive church in Eratyra. In 1928 a cupola was constructed in the center of the roof so as to increase the natural light inside the building.

The murals of this church have no similarity to those of other churches in the region. The style, as well as the colours,  are influenced by European paintings. The painter is referred to as Z.P.N. The internal space is dominated by the huge templon which belonged to the previous church and was placed again in the new church, after its erection. It is a goldplated wood carved templon made of walnut wood with exceptional sculptural decoration, which was constructed by 3 local people in a 17 years time.

An impressive woodcarving which belongs to the old church was found in the basement of the new church and is now kept in the museum of Eratyra. Manuscripts of the beginning of the 18th century which are kept there probably belong to the monastery of Agios Athanasios. The impressive bell tower which dominates the central square was built in 1880. In the courtyard of the church, there is a small house which was formerly used as a school and is now the house of the priest.