The church of Panagia in Eratyra

The church of Panagia was constructed, according to an inscription, in 1763.  It is three-aisled building with few decorative elements on its facadesPart of its courtyard was probably used as a cemetery.

It is situated in a beautiful place and its murals are quite important.  In the nave, there are murals, according to the orthodox style. In the narthex, there is an inscription which mentions the year when the church was built.

The narthex was divided from the nave by a partition, part of which was constructed by wood. At the beautiful gate, there is a gold plated woodcarving, similar to those ones can see in the local mansions.

The templon is wood carved, decorated with animal and vegetable motifs. The wooden roof is dominated by a complex of red and light blue beams rhythmically placed, decoration which was frequently used in the mansions.