This church dates back to the Byzantine Era. It is situated in Palaioxora in a beautiful natural surrounding. It was burned down by the Turks and reconstructed in 1931. It’s a small rectangular building with no architectural significance, as most of the religious buildings of the period.

In the south and west side, there is a covered roofed projection which characterizes the building. The narthex is divided from the nave by a wooden partition.

The murals, which are quite important, have been seriously damaged after reconstruction of the roof. The artist is referred to be a local monk. On the east wall of the narthex, there is a mural with the people who offered the church, Meka and Lazaro Krimizopoulo, who hold the church in their hands. Their clothes, as well as the inscription, are very interesting.

Despite the damages due to the use of modern improper materials these murals are some of the most impressive samples of post Byzantine painting in the whole region.

Agios Nikolaos Eratira